Live Score Keeping

The GC Runner scorecard automatically calculates the handicap of each player on your card, making the card set up & score keeping process easier than ever.

  • Post scores after finishing the hole with the easy scorecard interface
  • View hole information like hole number, yardage & handicap
  • Track side games like closest to the pin
  • Easily add and drop players from your scorecard
  • Maintain pace-of-play by keeping an eye on your current pace

Custom Bet Tracking

Start a game within your group or club, set the bet dollar value and GC Runner will automatically calculate payouts when the round is over.

  • Dozens of team and individual games like skins, best ball, closest to the pin, snake and more.
  • Customize your game parameters including teams, percent handicap, bet value, automatic presses, etc.
  • Create an open game for any club member to join, or a private game within your group.

Season Long Statistics

Track your season long statistics including hole by hole averages, average round scoring trends and hole history. Keep track of which holes give you trouble and which are generous with the birdies.

  • Plus, get off-course statistics like season long earnings, average playing-time and pay-in/payout record.
  • Season long counts of bet wins like skins, closest to the pins and games played.

Club Events & Messenger

The GC Runner club calendar feature gives you a convenient schedule of the years events and allows you to register and view the current event roster. Stay up-to-date with messages and updates from the tournament director and management.

  • Register for club events with the tap of a button and easily see what you still need to sign up for.
  • Keep track of the full club schedule including leagues, tournaments, outings, banquets, holiday parties and more!